Submissions - 2015


Mojocastle Press, LLC is seeking romance, erotic romance and erotica submissions from both aspiring and established authors for our growing publishing company. We limit production to no more than sixty books per year (~five per month) to ensure each book receives the time and attention it deserves and to maintain our high quality standards. Please submit your completed manuscript to as soon as possible for consideration.

Accepted Genres:

Contemporary / Historical /Paranormal (Werewolves, Vampires, etc.) / Science Fiction & Fantasy / Mystery & Suspense / Gay, Lesbian & Transgendered (Particularly M/M) / Menage & Polyamorous (Particularly M/F/M) / BDSM & Fetish / Serials / Sweet Romance / Holiday Themes (Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Fourth of July, Bastille Day, Boxing Day, etc.)


How to Submit:

We are currently accepting stories with a word count of 8k and up.

Please submit using the following guidelines:

1. Email the entire manuscript as an attachment in.RTF format in Times New Roman 12pt.

2. Include in the body of the email: author bio, a blurb of your book, including title and series title if applicable.

3. Manuscript must include Pen name, real name, snail mail and email contact information on the first page, top left corner.

4. POV and scene breaks must be physically marked (One* for POV, **** for scene break)

5. No Headers, footers, or page numbers.

6. Words or phrases in italics should be in Italics not underlined

7. Title length is a maximum of 25 characters, including spaces and punctuation.

8. We DO NOT consider simultaneous submissions!!! (This means please do not send us a manuscript that is in review at another publishing house.) However, we will accept multiple submissions, i.e. several completed books in a series.

9. Neither title nor author name may be an exact copy of, or very close to, a current Mojocastle Press title or author name.

Email submissions to  Our current read time is 1 to 2 months. If you have not heard from us after this timeframe, please query Editor-in-Chief, Stephanie Kelsey at

A current editor style sheet is available here.


For a copy of our contract, go here.

Mojocastle Press is a full service, Ebook Publisher, which includes editing, proofreading, cover art, ISBN and digital and print publishing. We hold ourselves to the highest possible standard of contract fairness and an agreement detailing the rights and responsibilities of both parties is signed for each accepted manuscript.

Upon acceptance for publication of a new, previously unreleased completed manuscript of at least 12,000 words, Mojocastle Press agrees to pay the Author an advance against expected royalties. We pay 45% royalties on net sales received from all outlets for both electronic and print books and 10% on audio books. Royalties are paid quarterly (one quarter in arrears) via Paypal.

Our standard contract is for unlimited rights for five years. We do have a series first look clause, but it applies only while the contract is in force. The copyright for the characters, worlds, and 'themes' remains with the author. Our Author Agreement contains a full audit clause. We do reserve an option to publish contracted books in print and audio format, but we cannot guarantee that a specific title will be published in either print or audio format.

We do not accept: scatological stories, incest/twincest, sexual content involving anyone under the age of eighteen(18), snuff, rape or bestiality. Mojocastle does not accept anthology or group project proposals from authors. If the book has been distributed in any way (Posted on a blog, self-published, uploaded to a distribution site such as Lulu or Amazon, etc.), it will not be accepted.